The last day of my trip (not including a day and a bit of travelling to get back to Perth, which I wasn’t looking forward to very much) was spent wandering around Boston.  I had a purposeful morning waiting to get my laptop fixed at the Apple “Genius Bar” (well, I think they’re geniuses, they gave me a new battery in spite of me being just outside my warranty period).  Then I headed back into town and lunched at the Union Oyster House – they claim to be the oldest restaurant in America est. 1826 – on Clam Chowder and corn bread, very nice (if a little chewy).

I wandered around the shops, but wasn’t inspired and then the weather began to set in.  I made it to the aquarium before it started to rain and spent a happy time watching penguins and looking at pretty fish (the ones not being eaten by penguins).  Even here I did have a clear aim to get pictures of some cuttlefish, if they had any.  It turns out that cuttlefish are very hard to photograph because they move pretty quickly.  Here’s one photo that’s actually in focus!

Boston Cuttlefish

When I got out of the aquarium it was tipping down, but for some reason I decided to walk back to the hotel.  Getting soaked wasn’t a great idea, but it did mean that I got to walk by the original Cheers bar (as opposed to the fake one in the middle of town).  It wasn’t that photogenic, which is just as well, because the rain clouds weren’t going to clear for any photographic work on my part.