It’s been a sunny day one to my visit to Montréal, so I made sure I spent plenty of time outside. Here is a view of the city from Parc du Mont-Royale:


There were lots of squirrels in the park, mostly grey, but I also saw a couple of black ones:

Black squirrel Grey Squirrel

I’m sure the locals think of them as vermin, but I rather liked them and they made me nostalgic for the Northern Hemisphere.

I did sneak inside to visit the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal to see the Communicating Vessels: New Technologies and Contemporary Art exhibition.

There weren’t any moving robots here, although an artist called Jessica Field was showing an interactive installation where two “personalities” sense your movement and position and make comments about you as you stand in front of them. I’m going to visit Jessica at her studio tomorrow to see her latest work, which should be really interesting.

I couldn’t take a photo in the temporary exhibition space, but I did take one of a magnetic sculpture in the permanent collection:

Magnetic sculpture

Here’s a closeup of the “floating” weights:

Magnetic sculpture

After that, I made the most of the sunshine and explored Vieux-Montréal, although what most captured my camera-eye were some strange buildings across the water from Vieux-Port:

Strange buildings

Depending on what I see tomorrow this latest batch of travel writing may be replaced by the more usual robot-talk.

Meanwhile, here is a message for everyone I know in Perth:

Hearts at Montreal Musee des beaux-arts