2019 was going to be the year of my blog and my writing (big plans). I went part time on my return to work in January (big change). I had an extensive and complex spreadsheet planning method prepared by two weeks in. That spreadsheet contained all my teaching and research commitments for the first half of the year, subdivided into tasks with time estimates allocated to specific weeks. A pivot table on the next worksheet showed me how well my plans tracked against the time I had available each week on my 0.6 FTE.

I was prepared to document how I was going with this planning process, as well as other techniques I wanted to put into practice for managing my time and writing more, on my blog.  That didn’t happen.

Also, guess how long my use of that spreadsheet lasted. Go on, guess. I don’t even want to go back and check. Semester rolled around, teaching took over (even with my hugely reduced load) and I commenced operation “Fail to Write Research Until the Very Last Minute”.

Today I am going to institute a new mindset. Yes, I am writing at the last minute. Again. This time I am channeling some words from my golf clinic last night.

Don’t think about what you’re trying to do. Just think, “I’ve got this”. Take some time getting your stance right, whatever club you’re using, and swing.

This is remarkably similar to some advice given to me by one of my mentors, John Hartley, in relation to writing.

Don’t think, “I’m going to try to write today”. Don’t try, just write.

Wish me luck.