I am an Early Career Development Fellow at Curtin University where I teach and research in the Department of Internet Studies, although I have recently taken up a short term appointment as a Research Fellow in the Centre for Culture and Technology, also at Curtin University. My research is focused on developing an ethical and pragmatic recognition of, and respect for, otherness and difference in communication. I write about communication theory and practice, and draw upon varied examples—taken from science and technology, science fiction and creative art—to illustrate the ideas in my work. For example, my PhD research explored the communicative possibilities illustrated by human interactions with humanoid and non-humanoid robots, looking to fact and fiction, science and art, for inspiration. More recently, I completed some new research analysing the communication between characters in the science fiction series Fringe for a chapter in an edited collection. I am also turning the ideas about communication formulated in my PhD towards an analysis of online communication and ethics.

I maintain a strong interest in examples of human-robot interaction in fact and fiction, as well as human perceptions of autonomous robots that have not been designed specifically to support communication with humans.

My first degree was in Natural Sciences, completed in my country of origin (the UK) a long time ago. I then worked in Information Technology for about ten years, before emigrating to Australia.

Dr Eleanor Sandry
Research Fellow
Centre for Culture and Technology

Early Career Development Fellow
Internet Studies

School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts
Curtin University