Someone stole Shrek’s ears!!

So, another robot with a rather odd face, oh yes, and it’s cheeks change colour too.  I’m sorry, but in spite of the alien-chic this one is still a bit too cute for my liking.  This robot is a Media Centre PC (whatever that is, I think it’s supposed to help you work out the connection between the PC and your television) and also an expressive robot.  Here it is, looking stunned:

Reeti - looking somewhat stunned

Reeti - looking somewhat stunned

Well, you’d be stunned too, if you found yourself stuck in a vase up to chin height!

This robot can watch people and faces, can speak and change its expressions.  In addition, it has lights under its cheeks and these can be used to express erm, stuff, the examples being: I’m feeling hot (red) or cold (blue), but I think moods are the underlying idea here.  I’m not sure how autonomously it really does any of these things.  A large part of one video relating to this robot seems to be about programming it to act in certain ways as it says certain scripted things.  There is also “an app for that”, so that you can remote control the robot with your iPhone or iPad.

More information can be found at the Reeti website.  However, I felt bound to link to the rather disturbing video below, which seems to place Reeti firmly as an alien visitor to Earth: